Getting the Most out of Your Sage Software, Part 1

June, 01, 2017

Sage 100c, Business Growth Solutions

The updated features and improved enhancements of Sage 100c make it the ideal software solution to help your business navigate periods of growth with reduced accounting errors and inefficiencies.

If you already use Sage 100c for your business, you already know how it helps to streamline your business’s manual processes. Now, you’re ready to take it one step further and enhance your experience with Sage.

sage business growth software

However, if you’re not a current Sage user, but you’re interested in how this software can work for you, keep reading! By already understanding the many ways to get the most out of Sage software, you’ll be one step ahead of the rest!

Tell Me More

Along with features to manage your business’s finances, inventory, manufacturing, sales and orders, human capital, and business insights, Sage 100c includes the ability to include add-ons to streamline even more processes.

One such add-on is document management from Sage partner Altec.

Altec provides integrated document management so you can have your enterprise transactions automatically captured, transformed, and delivered in a variety of formats and methods.

Here’s how it works with Sage 100c.

Altec’s DocLink allows your business to easily go paperless through its seamless integration with Sage 100c. The DocLink suite program provides “extensive development resources, technical services, and strategic product and marketing benefits that help assure complete customer satisfaction.”

PaperlessPLUS is another feature that is specifically designed to work with Sage 100. It expands functionality by storing paperless office documents in the DocLink repository.


  • Capture documents generated internally and externally through Electronic Report Management, which automatically indexes documents and reports.
  • Control workflow processes by automating business rules to streamline processing, configuring data entry and annotation processes, and managing smart forms for capturing custom data.
  • Schedule and distribute documents automatically based on receiver preferences and create templates to isolate and communicate data to the needs of the recipient.
  • Securely retrieve, view, annotate and route documents instantly. Document access is fully protected with role-based security and all actions to a document are tracked.
  • Through mobile access, you can securely access and search documents on your phone or tablet.

Success Story

Pinsley Railroad Company, a nationwide rail company, was able to use Sage 100 with Altec’s DocLink add-on to track rapid ROI and manage their growth. Read their story here.

Committed to Success

If you’re ready to see your business thrive under a new business software that’s specifically designed to make it easier for you to manage your business, then it’s time to give our team a call. As the leading strategic partner and solution provider of end-to-end financial, distribution, manufacturing and eCommerce ERP solutions, we’re here to ensure the right software solution is put to work for you.

Sage 100c Charlotte Accounting Software Solution

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