Getting the Most out of Your Sage Software, Part 2

June, 13, 2017

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In our last blog, we talked about how you can take advantage of Sage’s partner integrations to make your Sage 100c experience even better. We’ve already showed you how you can use Altec’s DocLink integration to go paperless, so now we’re going to talk about another great add-on for your Sage 100c software.

Avalara is a company that helps businesses of all sizes accurately manage transactional taxes and the compliance process through advanced, automated technology. It provides solutions that work within a business’s own financial, billing, ecommerce, or point-of-sale system to deliver tax calculations in real time so that you don’t have to worry about changing rates, rules, boundaries, exemptions, deadlines, and more.

Avalara has partnered with Sage to provide 100c users with the Sage Sales Tax, or AvaTax, integration as a way to automate tax compliance, calculate and deliver sales tax amounts, and file and remit payments to the government.

How It Works

AvaTax is the solution for sales tax compliance and allows you to use one single schedule for all of your customers rather than researching rates and managing hundreds or thousands of sales tax schedules.

When you’re working with orders, invoices, or credit memos, AvaTax will automatically calculate and deliver the accurate sales tax in real time. Thanks to geolocation technology, this solution eliminates your need to manually research rates and taxability rules. Now, you’ll have the right rate whenever you need it.

AvaTax helps you save time by reducing unnecessary busy work (data entry, address verification, etc) by performing these manual tasks for you, which means more productivity for you and your employees.

AvaTax’s sophisticated reporting capabilities let you automate the process of filing taxes for your company. You are able to review a single combined liability worksheet and file returns in every jurisdiction with just one click.

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Quick Review

Here are the 6 ways AvaTax software can work for you:

  1. Connect - AvaTax connects to the ecommerce or accounting software that you already own (like Sage 100c)
  2. Locate - AvaTax finds and calculates sales tax rates with roof-top-level accuracy using advanced geolocation software and address-validation technology.
  3. Calculate - AvaTax instantly applies an accurate tax decision by taking into account the relevant exemption status and unique product taxability code.
  4. Collect - AvaTax simplifies your cash flow by collecting a single tax payment that will be distributed to the proper jurisdictions.
  5. Remit - Automated sales tax filing eliminates the complications of sending monthly, or quarterly, payments to every city, county and state where you do business.
  6. Manage - Easy access to payment reports, exemption certificates, and reseller permits will keep the auditors at bay, and your business running smoothly.

Committed to Success

If you’re not already a customer of Sage100c but are ready to take your business accounting software to the next level, the AccuPointe team is here to help.

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