Sage 100c Benefits: Solutions for Growth

May, 19, 2017

Sage 100c

While Sage 100c offers some of the same solutions that users of Sage 100 love, Sage 100c has improved features, upgrades, and brand new functionalities that make it a long-term solution for your business. Sage 100c has the tools you need to stay ahead of the always-changing manufacturing requirements, improve your sales and order management, and impress your customers.

Sage 100c Business software solutions

Customize for your business’s specific needs

Sage 100c’s optimum workflow and cross-functional data sharing and reporting ensures that you’re able to make the best decisions for your business, from financial management to inventory management. The ability you’ll have to customize the software for the specific needs of your business makes Sage 100c the complete solution for your company.

Whether you need to automate processes, connect employees, or gain business insights, Sage 100c helps you unite your entire business to work more collaboratively.

Reduce errors and improve financial management

Manual bookkeeping methods and spreadsheets are entirely too error-prone to be truly trusted. We know you want to be in control of your numbers, and Sage 100c delivers powerful financial management tools so you can do just that. These tools allow you to oversee your income, expenses, and assets so that you can maximize your profits and ensure sustainability.

The streamlined invoicing and bill collection features eliminate accounting errors, minimize record-keeping redundancy, and ensure compliance with tax and accounting regulations.

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Optimize your production processes and inventory

The inventory management tools offered with Sage 100c will help you cut costs, increase efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to automate your warehouse functions for better management, helping you achieve greater business-to-business supply chain efficiency and faster time to market.

With Sage 100c, you’ll be able to

  • Control costs
  • Accurately fulfill orders
  • Optimize stock levels
  • Estimate needs accurately
  • Create better purchase order records, and
  • Manage work orders

Increase customer satisfaction

You want to close more sales. It’s what keeps your business running and succeeding. With Sage 100c, you’ll be able to empower your team with the support they need to answer customer questions so that they close more sales. Sage 100c optimizes the order fulfillment process so orders can be received, processed, and delivered in a timely manner, leaving you with satisfied customers that will come back again and again.

With better ways to manage every aspect of your business, Sage 100c is the best decision you could make for your company. From human capital management to business insight and performance, Sage 100c is here to make your life easier, and your success sweeter.

Sage 100c Charlotte Accounting Software Solution

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