At AccuPointe we understand that every business is unique and may have very specialized needs. Often base system functionality is not enough to meet your business challenges, however there is a broad and robust Extended Solutions market of add-ons that address your unique needs, enabling your solution to support your growing business.

Extended Solutions typically provide specialized, process-oriented functionality and features that apply to a specific ERP (business automation software) product and module. These extended solutions are designed to execute without significant user interaction, which saves you time.  Customers often contact us looking for a solution to a specific problem, therefore we want to provide info on the most popular extended solutions available for your ERP (business automation software) product.

Extended Solutions

Altec Doc-Link

Integrated Document Management

Doc-Link electronically captures documents, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms, and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.

Vertex - Sales Tax

Automate and simplify sales tax calculation

Vertex offers a variety of deployment options—including an on-demand hosted model that accelerates implementation and reduces hardware, database, and other support requirements.

Sage Alerts

Are you listening to your business?

Keep people informed. Deliver automated alerts about any business conditions, such as overdue invoices, critical support issues, or contracts about to expire. Deliver the alerts via any method, any device, including email, text message, fax, dashboard, or instant message.


Human Resource Management System

Sage HRMS (formerly Sage Abra HRMS) is human resource management system software that delivers tightly integrated HR, payroll, benefits, and attendance functionality, plus rich reporting and analysis tools.

Sage Intelligence

Customize business reports with ease

Sage Intelligence Reporting pulls real-time data from Sage Accounting or ERP products and delivers it in Excel templates which you can easily view and/or customize.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Mine your company’s data to make better decisions.

Reduce time spent on analysis and reporting and get the insight you need to support better-informed decisions with Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

Sage Fixed Assets

See how much time and money you’ll save with Sage Fixed Assets

Acronyms for regulatory agencies, laws, and even forms run the gamut: IRS, IFRS, GAAP, SOX, GASB, CCA, T2S8, and you have to know it all. Even the most minute interpretation error in tax rules, including exemptions, can mean the difference between major penalties and major cost savings.

ACS Enhancement

Integrated Warehouse Solutions For Distribution Operations

The ASCTrac® WMS modular design allows it to support any size of organization or complexity level. It is a complete solution that can also be interfaced to any ERP/financial system for a seamless and fully integrated ERP solution. From order entry, through pick, pack, and ship operations, all the way to delivery – ASCTrac® WMS covers the entire distribution and manufacturing supply chain.


The ScanForce Difference

ScanForce is the leading bar code scanning and mobile Warehouse & Sales Automation Solution for Sage 100 ERP. For over 15 years, ScanForce has been focused on helping Sage 100 ERP clients manage their warehouse and business operations more effectively through the use of bar codes and mobile devices.

Sage Inventory Advisor

Spending too much time worrying about your inventory?

Take back control with Sage Inventory Advisor, a cloud-based solution that takes as little as 30 minutes to implement and is accessible on your mobile device

Sage Payment Solutions

Payment processing made simple with Sage

Keep customers happy and keep them coming back by accepting all the ways they want to pay. Let Sage simplify how you pay, get paid, and manage your money. We work within every business type in every industry, from retail to healthcare.

TruCommerce EDI

We Make EDI Painless

TrueCommerce EDI Solutions is the only EDI provider with a platform that offers true one-stop shopping with everything your business needs for EDI compliance.


Work less. Ship more.

ERP & Amazon integration to streamline shipping, accounts receivable and customer service. Plug-and-play interfaces provide the warehouse with instant access to orders and invoices. Simply scan the document number from your pick sheet to auto-populate the ship screen.