CRM Software Solutions

Businesses today utilize many systems which affect a customer.  Customers interact with many areas of the business.  Do you have a centralized system for viewing and working with your relationship with the customer?  Do you utilize Customer Relationship Management CRM software?

Today, you need much more than a simple contact management system – you need to be able to see and track your customers activities and your interactions with the customer.  This affects the sales, service, marketing and accounting departments.

Sales and Marketing

Track and analyze customer sales and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  Manage your sales teams open and closed opportunities, evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and target your marketing activities to make sure your getting the most bang for the buck.


Manage customer service and support incidents.  Customer service teams have a holistic view of the entire customer relationship including sales, open orders, previous and open incidents.  Deliver exceptional customer service!

ERP Integration

See a customers invoice history, open sales orders, shipments and more – all from the single CRM system.  No more logging out and in to search for and look up a customer – assuming you have access to the ERP system in the first place.  Now, it’s right at your fingertips – easily accessible and always available.


Access customer and sales information anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.  Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are now mainstream – keep critical customer information available at all times – where you need it, when you need it.

Cloud and On Premise

Choose the deployment option that works best for you, whether on premise or in the cloud.  Our solutions are flexible and can be deployed just the way you need them.

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